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The Forestry Memories Image Library is a manifestation of the partnership between the UHI Centre for History, the Forestry Commission Scotland, and the Scottish Forestry Trust, based on a wider research project into the social history of forestry in Scotland in the twentieth century. Read about that here. You can see the main Forestry Memories site at any time, by clicking on the web address or above, at the left of the screen.

The Forestry Memories Image Library contains pictures of interest to those who may work or have worked in the Forestry Industries in Scotland. Images can be viewed by year, by album, by manufacturer or by contributor, or you can use the simple search at the top of this page. Just put in something like "chainsaw" or the name of a place "Fort Augustus" to get some results. There are 2720 pictures on the site just now.

When viewing the pictures you can leave your own comments using the form at the foot of each page. In this way we hope to build up an extensive collection of information, reminiscences and anecdotes. There are 869 on the site, but we still need to hear from or about you!

You are also able to make your own album of the images here and make this publicly available if you wish.

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Finally, we are looking for volunteers to assist with the image gathering and uploading to this site. If you would like to assist, or else to contribute something to the project archive at Highland Archive Centre, please contact:

Glen Brittle Forest and overlooking hills
Glen Brittle Forest and overlooking hills
Jocky Towns felling in Glen Brittle ForestStepped Ploughing at North StromeDouble mouldboard ploughing at VicaskillGeorge Robertson retirement at Achnashellach
Caterpillar D4 and trail plough Grudie,TorrachiltyMounted Tine ploughing in Grudie, TorrachiltyDingwall Forest District Office Christmas partyTrack repairs Glensgiach, Torrachilty
The Falstone Skidder was designed by the Forestry Commi
The rear tractor is a Fiat 100. The other tractor is a
The fleet number of this tractor was FC 78025.
The saw looks like a Jonsereds 621.
Thanks Billy. Forgot about the 1533 image which came fr
Glen Brittle Forest and overlooking hills
Jocky Towns felling in Glen Brittle Forest
Stepped Ploughing at North Strome
Double mouldboard ploughing at Vicaskill
George Robertson retirement at Achnashellach
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